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Editor Guidelines

Each Editor of the Editorial Board plays a vital role in maintaining the journal standards and peer review. Editorial boards are an essential and valuable resource for TGC journals. Our editors are experts in their respective fields and are responsible for the peer review process and the content of the journal.

Instructions for the Editors:


Each and every Editor of the Editorial Board plays an important role in the peer review process and in maintaining journal standards. Editors should evaluate the submitted manuscript to determine whether it is within the scope of the journal and should determine the following points:

Benefits as an Editor for TGC Journals

Editorial Policy

Editorial policies are optimized to protect and reinforce the journal’s reliability and quality while aiming at the reader’s interest. TGC Open Access Journals provide complete editorial freedom to the Editorial Board members with the authority to determine the journal’s content and it does not interfere with any sort of assessment process for manuscripts. The act of determining the fate of the manuscript—to publish or reject is never affected by the author’s nationality, ethnicity, race, religion or political beliefs. No other private or government policies or agencies away from the journal can determine the decision. The decisions are made purely with respect to innovation, novelty, quality and scientific importance to the readers.
Editors ought to make sure that all the articles are published in relation to the scope of the journal and supported by relevance, integrity, scientific strength, new inputs, potential interest, completeness, clarity and ethics. Decisions must be made strictly based on the article’s scientific validity and importance to the scientific community.