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Clinical Trials and Analysis

Clinical Trials and Analysis


Welcome to the Clinical Trials Analysis Journal! We are a peer-reviewed publication dedicated to providing in-depth and comprehensive analysis of clinical trials across various medical disciplines. Our mission is to promote evidence-based medicine by critically evaluating the results and methodologies of clinical trials contributing to the advancement of healthcare practices worldwide.

Aims & Scope

The Clinical Trials Analysis Journal covers a wide range of topics related to clinical trials, Critical evaluation of trial design, randomization, blinding, sample size calculation and statistical analysis to ensure the validity and reliability of trial outcomes. Analysis of results from clinical trials evaluating the efficacy and safety of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, surgical procedures and other interventions. Examination of findings from observational studies, cohort studies, case-control studies and other non-randomized investigations. The Clinical Trials Analysis Journal is published quarterly providing readers with timely access to the latest advancements in clinical trials analysis.

Recent Articles

Research Article March 11, 2024

Treatment Outcomes of Neonatal Sepsis and Predictors in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at a Tertiary Hospital in Eastern Ethiopia.

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Research Article March 3, 2024

Comparison of Patient’s Comfort in the Anterior Palatal Anaesthesia Between Topical Anaesthetic Gel and Cryo-Anaesthesia Using Ice – A Split Mouth Randomized Controlled Trial.

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Mini Review February 24, 2024

Unraveling the Pathogenic Mechanisms of Diabetic Distal Symmetric Diabetic Polyneuropathy: The Interplay of Oxidative Stress and Neuroinflammation

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Research Article February 20, 2024

Level of Knowledge about Oral Health of Parents and its Relationship with Oral Hygiene Habits of their Children from 8 to 10 Years Old.

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Research Article February 19, 2024

Evaluation of Noni Vs Bilberry as Bone Regenerative Material in the Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis

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